Reputation Management – Fix Your Online Reputation and Remove Negative Results

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If you are reading this article, you probably already have a problem with your online reputation. This does not mean that your reputation is bad, it only means that it looks bad. Somebody keys in your name or your brand name or your company name into Google, Bing or Yahoo and some nasty weirdo’s listing pops up, trying to make nothing out of you, your good work or your products and services.

In Real Life You Fix Your Reputation with a Rose - Online Reputation Management is Different

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That’s not good! But it can be handled. Here is how it is done: First you isolate the listing or listings that you want to attack. Then you decide how to go about it. Usually it is best to start a campaign to outrank the bad stuff immediately. Sometimes it is also possible to yank the negative listing out of place. This can by done by direct communication, indirect communication (legal means).

The best approach to fix your online reputation is in most cases to just plainly outrank the bad stuff with your good content. There is an excellent article on where Andy Beal describes in detail on Google Reputation Management: Fix Your Google Reputation & Remove Negative Results.

You can use Social Media Sites to get your online reputation back under control. If you want to know how to do it, you can see what David Wallace suggests in an article titled Using Social Media To Help Manage Online Reputation.

But if you only address the search results, you are only treating the result, not the cause. In each case it is necessary to also address the root of the problem. Listen to the person that spreads the bad news if you want to improve your online reputation. Sometimes the things are justified or at least have some truth to it.  If you are willing to listen, it is very often possible to get the bad news removed and turn that disgruntled person into a firm believer.

It is also important for your reputation management to monitor what is being said about you online. You can use Google alerts, Yahoo alerts, RSS feed subscriptions to search results Technorati, Feedster, Yahoo & Google News, BlogPulse and  Social Media via tags:,, as suggested in Basics of Online Reputation Management.

If you don’t want to do the reputation management yourself, you can always hire me and I’ll get that stuff handled.

8 thoughts on “Reputation Management – Fix Your Online Reputation and Remove Negative Results

  1. Reputation management – is getting more and more important as leadership figures realise that the carefully crafted image and persona they created for their company, could be unwound in seconds by a lousey employee caught on camera. *Cough, dominoes.

  2. the common problem for most newbie SEOers is we swallow overload information
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  3. I know a friend who is a victim of bad online reputation. Unfortunately his name was quite common in the locale of his own and he had a bad time in bringing his personal blog on top of all those unrelated websites. He tried hard but ended in vain and later decided to change his domain to a gig name instead of his own. Online reputation has taken so many others like this to task and I can see new firms popping up every now and then offering a wide variety of services to get pass this thing.

  4. online reputation is an important thing if u have online business because if someone spreading bad word about u or Ur online business that not only diminishes Ur online reputation but also u will loss a substantial amount of customers because of u need to act fast & intelligently if someone spreading bad words about before its too late.

  5. Well, some of us have so many enemies that at a certain point one has to stop worrying about it and just go on with more important things (or revenge as Donald Trump suggests). And once you are at the top, people will start posting rubbish about you – want it or not. I’ve found a funny thing with my reputation. My namesake is a hitman, he was convicted recently – you cannot really solve that sort of problem, can you? :)

  6. Hi JC,

    Sure I can handle that. Others don’t know that it is your namesake and prefer not to do business with you.

    So, things like that is what I can handle.


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