How to Get 75 Dollars in Free Advertising from Yahoo/ Bing

Here is a video that shows you how you can get $75 in free adverting from Bing/ Yahhoo.

As you can see from this screen shot Google is no longer the only game in town:


The traffic that Yahoo, Bing and MSN are getting per month adds up to 372 million visitors while Google plus AOL only reach 232 visitors combined.

That all means that Bing/ Yahoo should no longer be neglected and an advertising source.

One important tip:

When you advertise on Bing/ Yahoo make sure that you select only the properties owned and operated by Bing/Yahoo.

Bing ad group settings

Among the so called “syndicated search partners” are some real sharks. They have somehow gotten access to a Yahoo search feed and then they drive traffic via PPV to that feed. It’s a neat little “business” for them but for advertisers it is just a waste of money. If Yahoo or Bing or the FTC would find out those guys including the PPV networks would be out of business in a hurry.

Imagine you bid on let’s say “stock investing” or “retirement savings” and have set your bid price somewhere in the $2 range. That bid is not uncommon for that traffic and actually on the lower end. No imagine getting thousands of clicks from people that can not even afford to buy video games and instead download them for free and in exchange see ads. These ads might match what those poor souls were searching for.

They might have searched for ways to “save money” or for “Walmart coupons” or how to “stock up on beer”. Based on all the data that I have that demographic is very unlikely to convert on some kind of stock investing ad. That the ads are not of interest does not prevent them for clicking them and then pouring down another cold one.

How do I know all this? Well, I talked to a guy who runs one of the larger PPV networks. He told me how to “really make money” with PPV and that he has several customers blasting through tens of thousands of dollars driving traffic to their Yahoo feeds.

Anyhow, just make sure your settings are like the ones in the picture above and you should get lots of quality traffic.

The Bing content network is only good for “branding” as one of the reps told me. Different wording for “branding” is waste of money. Smart companies brand their products by selling it. Just “getting the name out” usually does not help too much, at least if you have to pay the bills and show a profit.

Make Money on Fiverr: Turn Photo into an Oil Painting

Here is a Fiverr  gig that offers to turn any photograph into an oil painting:

Fiverr gig that offers to turn a photo into an oil painting

It’s a pretty successful gig and people are standing in line to get it: It has 21 orders in the queue.

Here is a video that show you how you can offer a similar gig. It’s all done using free tools.


Make Money on Fiverr: Turn Photo into an Oil Painting
The video is part of this product:
How To Make Nice Money Using Only Fiverr

Media Buying: How to Find Profitable Web Site Ideas with Mixrank

Media buying is all about getting traffic to your web site. There are some nice tools out there that can help you with your media buying. These tools can also be used to do market research and to find profitable web site ideas.

One such tool is Mixrank.

Here is a video that show you what is possible:

Media Buying: How to Find Profitable Web Site Ideas with Mixrank

Mixrank track all the ads on Google and can be use to reverse engineer what is working.

This video shows you how to find profitable web site ideas using Mixrank. You can get a 1 month FREE trial for Mixrank using this link.

I am revealing one actual web site idea in that video that you can use today and just run with it and make money.

Online Media Buying

So, you want to get more traffic to your web site and preferably targeted traffic. Media buying is the solution to your problems. You can get all the traffic you want and you do not have to please anybody.

Media buying might sound very impressive but it is actually not that difficult. You basically find a web site that is related to yours and then buy some advertising space on that web site.

Add a snappy banner to it and you’re all set. Well, there are a couple details that can be very important and you can get that traffic for little money or you can pay way too much.

This video about media buying show you what is possible as far as saving money on advertising spend:

If you want to learn all about media buying I can recommend the book “The Online Media Buying Handbook“.

Did You Know?

I thought that you might be interested to learn a little
more about what I do besides creating products.

One of my customers already had a pretty successful business:
He had about 20 staff, a good sized warehouse and business was good.
His advertising budget was about $30k per month.

Then I developed a new marketing strategy for him. After 3 months
he had a total of 40 full time employees, had to build a second warehouse
and the number of customers went from about 3,000 to 250,000.
Yes, 250,000 paying customers and all that with only $10,000 spend on
advertising per month.

Have a nice day!

HP Jeschke

Kind of cool, isn’t it?

Media Buying

Media Buying
Google is not the only possible source of traffic. While Google Adwords is huge and delivers excellent quality traffic, there are many more companies and web sites that can deliver similar quality traffic.

Some sell the traffic based on clicks, some based on impressions, some based on visitors and some based on leads.

It all boils down to knowing the traffic source, building offers that work for that particular source and then tracking and continually monitoring everything.
Here is a list of possible traffic sources:

Table 4 comScore Ad Focus Ranking (U.S.) November 2010 Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations Source: comScore Media Metrix

The list above nicely illustrates, that Google is the largest single traffic source, but there are many more that can deliver excellent quality traffic for you.

You can hire a media buying agency to buy media from different place for you and help you to set up campaigns and monitor it. The fee for this is usually 15% of your advertising spend.

Each network has different minimum buys (usually between $500 to $10,000).

I suggest to start with one additional network. The benchmark would be Google Adwords, as you already do that and are having good results and numbers to compare with.

Media Buying

Once the first additional network is producing (producing means spitting out high quality leads that turn into buyers), we would ramp it up and in the mean time get the next network running.

If Google produces excellent results now, there is no reason why the other networks should not work. By using other networks, you can get more leads, possibly reduce the price per lead while keeping the quality the same or even increasing the quality.

Also, you would reduce your risks:
The barrier to entry on Google Adwords is extremely low. $5 and anybody is in business.

A couple clicks and any competitor can duplicate what works for you.


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A Homeless Man With a Golden Voice

Here is a video showing a homeless guy in Cleveland, Ohio. What’s so fascinating about a homeless guy you might ask. Well the 53-year old man has a golden radio voice.

After the video went viral, the Cleveland Cavaliers offered Ted Williams a job.

Williams said he went to school for his voice training, but that his life was later affected by alcohol and drugs in the 1990s. He says he has been sober for two years.

I think it is quite amazing and inspiring.

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign with Viral Boost

You can use Facebook to generate a steady flow of leads that are interested in your products and services, using Facebook, its vast user base and the Facebook internal advertising platform.

Most companies try to get traffic from Facebook to their own web site. While that is possible, it is not the most efficient way to do it. A much better way is to create a campaign where the traffic stays on Facebook. This has two advantages:

1. The cost for the traffic is markedly less. Instead of paying $0.70 or so per click, you can sometimes get targeted traffic for $0.05 to $0.35 per click.

2. The more people you drive to your landing page, the more it goes viral. Over time you get more and more free traffic to your landing page.

Overview of Viral Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Create an advertising campaign on Facebook, targeting the desired decision makers. The ad leads to an internal Facebook page. The user is given a free ebook for “liking” the page. Once the user has “liked” the page, he or she will be presented with the promised download link for the ebook. On the same page the user will also learn, that there is a part 2 of that ebook with some “must have” information. That second part is also free, but the user has to give his name and email and opt in to receive emails.

The “forced” like feature creates additional leads, as these likes will show up on the user’s timeline and all their friends will see what they just “liked”.

The user opts in to receive email updates. The email updates will be designed in a way that the users get more and more familiar with your company and you build trust.

It will be determined whether it is best to ask for the phone number initially or whether that should be asked for down the road through ads or “coupons” in the follow up emails. The “coupon” could be for a free consultation with a consultant a discount or whatever would work in your particular business.

Program steps to set up the Facebook campaign:

  1. Get familiar with the product and the sales process                         Time estimate: 10 hours
  2. Define target audience and main buttons                                             Time estimate: 10 hours
  3. Create the ebook part 1 and part 2, about 20 to 30 pages each Time estimate: 40 hours
  4. Create graphics, ebook covers, Facebook graphics, ads                  Outsource: $1,000 – $2,000
  5. Set up 3rd party autoresponder account (, $20/mo.)              Time estimate: 5 hours
  6. Create about 10 follow up messages                                                       Time estimate: 20 hours
  7. Create Facebook landing page                                                                   Time estimate: 10 hours
  8. Set up Facebook ad campaign                                                                    Time estimate: 5 hours
  9. Proofread all copy by 3rd party                                                                   Outsource: $500 – $1,000
  10. Optional: Integration with current lead delivery and customer data base Time estimate: TBD
  11. Run campaign on Facebook and adjust accordingly           Time estimate: 5 – 15 hours/ week

The time estimate to set the thing up is about 100 hours, plus about $1,500 – $3,000 in outsourced work.I have written “outsourced” from my point of view, as my company does not specialize in design work.

Once set up, the campaign needs to be funded. It is very difficult to predict how the advertising spend will be per week or per month. I suggest starting with a couple hundred dollars and then evaluating results.

It is also very difficult to predict how many leads a machine like this might spit out and what the cost per lead would be.

The autoresponder sequence and the ebooks are reusable for other online campaigns as well.

Online Reputation Management Basic Strategy

Online reputation management can seem difficult. But as a matter of fact it is not that difficult. At least not the general procedure.

It basically consists of replacing bad content that happens to appear on Google or other search engines, like Bing or Yahoo, with content that was created or controlled by you or your company.

Video on Online Reputation Management

While it is not in all cases difficult to repair the online reputation, it means usually a lot of work. There are certain things that have to be done on a daily or weekly basis. You can hire us to fix your online reputation and get on with your life.

If your online reputation is wrecked, it is usually difficult for yourself to handle it. Yes, you can read up on how to do it. But really doing it and being confronted with all the bad things about you or your company is no fun.

We ca do the job professional for you. We are not emotionally connected to whatever is written. We are also not your judge. You tell us what to handle and it will get handled. The bad things might be true or not. But what good is it if all the negative results kick you in the back all the time? Give us a call now and lets discuss your case!

Free Press Release Submission Services Reviewed

Press releases are a great way to not only get exposure for your company, but also very suited to get quality backlinks for your web site. While I usually recommend or if the budget is a little tighter, there are instances when you do not want to spend $150 to $650 for one press release. There are a bunch of free press release distribution sites.

Free Press Release Submission Services Reviewed
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tony Webster

Most of them are pretty worthless: They either nave no PageRank, no traffic or allow no dofollow links (unless you upgrade and pay between $1 and $50). But there are some press release distribution sites that have PageRank, good traffic and allow links that are dofollow.

URL Alexa Ranking PageRank Comments Google News PR6 Free submission, dofollow links (without anchor text) Yes sample press release PR6 Free submission, dofollow links (without anchor text) Yes sample press release PR5 Free submission, 1 dofollow link (without anchor text) Yes sample press release PR5 Free submission, 1 dofollow link (without anchor text) Yes sample press release PR5 Free submission, several dofollow links (without anchor text) Yes sample press release

If a press release service is not syndicated by Google News, it’s plain worthless. I’ve submitted to them just to have some more meat for the story. If I would have only used services that submit to Google, you might have take that fact for granted.

By the way, there is one secret weapon in regards to press release services. It brings you the PR News Wire distribution (at least the online part) for only $350 as opposed to $650 directly. Just give me a call to find out more 😉

UPdate 12/26/2010: is now listed in Google news.